The Laundry

The best space-saving hacks for your new laundry

Designing a laundry room is one of those tricky little home renovation jobs. While guests or visitors will hardly ever see your laundry, you still want to create a well-appointed space that functions and looks good because, as much as we may not like it, we are in that room a lot. We’ve put together some expert tips on how to get the most out of your space while still making it beautiful and functional, so that you can enjoy your home, even when taking on the chores…

Kitchens U Build combined laundry


Combo laundry room

Not all laundries have to be just laundries. In recent years, we have seen a growing trend where they also become mudrooms and butlers' pantries or combining the laundry appliances into the kitchen space which is popular for smaller units. When deciding to update your laundry space, consider what rooms surround it in your home and see if you can make more of the space by combining it with another home utility room. 

Kitchen Laundry

Turning the original laundry into a combined bulters pantry & laundry has become extremely popular.

The laundry + mudroom combination is efficient and practical, as you can drop sports clothes and dirty items straight into the wash. Paired with adequate cabinets and storage, they also make for the ideal home for the kid's school bags and sporting equipment. 

Mud room

The laundry + butler's pantry combination also makes a lot of sense for how your home functions. Laundries tend to have their own access, so pairing the space with a butler's pantry makes unloading the groceries a breeze. Another added bonus is that you can continue the kitchen's design and look into both spaces, creating a unified feel by using the same benchtops and cabinetry.  

Saving space with cabinetry

Before taking the plunge with a laundry renovation, it's essential to know what type of appliances you will have for the new room. If you're upgrading, are you getting a top-loader or a front-loader, and will you add a dryer as well? As the appliances generally take up the most space in a laundry, we can use the space efficiently if we know what appliances we are dealing with. 

Kitchens U Build Laundry

Front-loading appliances are a great choice if you want to maximise your laundry room's space. When the washer and dryer are placed side by side, you can use the area above them for storage. You can also stack the appliances on top of each other or install cabinetry above the washing machine. Here's a helpful tip that can save you space and prevent back pain: elevate your washing machine to a more comfortable height. This will allow you to add a drawer or shelf underneath the machine, making loading and unloading laundry easier.

Laundry baskets

Having adequate space in the laundry to store your washing is essential for a fully functioning laundry room. We highly recommend the laundry basket as a drawer feature. Depending on the space and your needs, we can work with you to create multiple baskets within the drawer, which is perfect for easily separating your washing and staying organised. See our full range of internal storage ideas to add to your laundry.  

Laundry Basket


Being the last room generally thought of or added to the floorplan; laundry rooms have to accommodate a lot of functions in a little space. Talk to our experienced design team today, and you will be surprised at how much usability we can add to even the trickiest of spaces. While it looks a bit like Tetris, our team are experts in getting the most out of your space; from the placement of cabinets to the location of the sink and the addition of overhead cabinets, these design features all contribute to making the space everything it can be. 

Kitchens U Build Laundry Hampton style

Kitchens U Build Laundry Hamptons

Finishing touches

The laundry room is the perfect location to continue the design aesthetic of your kitchen, and if you are renovating both at the same time, using the same materials can help reduce the overall costs.

Check out our range of laminate and stone benchtops that can work in both spaces as well as our sink and taps selections you can use in your laundry. 

Kitchens U Build Laundry

Have questions? Want to know more about your specific renovation options? Head into a design centre and have a no-obligation chat to our team to see some of the options up close. 

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