Working within your budget

How to work to your budget in your kitchen renovation

With the cost of materials and labour for construction projects often fluctuating wildly, one of our client's biggest challenges when taking on a new kitchen or laundry renovation is creating an accurate budget and ensuring they can stick to the budget throughout the build. 

When creating a budget there are lots of ways to make the process easier for yourself and your wallet. First off, we suggest getting your finances sorted out and having a clear idea of what you can spend before you take the first step. 

When trying to stick to your budget, making decisions you're happy with early on is incredibly important. Changes to the design, fixtures or even layout late in the process can be costly and time-consuming. And while we all tend to overestimate our abilities, it's recommended that you consider DIY vs installation early on in the process, as getting professionals to take over can relieve the headache of taking on a project that you may struggle with. Another critical factor in the lifetime budget of your kitchen is choosing high-quality finishes and products that will last. 

Be honest with your budget to the designers.  They are there to help you design and select materials that will not eat unnecessarily into your allocated funds.  Just by stating you have 30k to spend does not mean you will receive a 30k quote, but it does help in determining what the design will look like and the materials used.

Budget and financing

The first step in your project is to make an accurate budget and confirm the amount of money you have available to spend. For our customers in Melbourne and Queensland, we offer financing solutions with 36 months interest-free, which is a great way to plan your finances and set a budget that allows you to do everything you want in your new kitchen or laundry. We also advise clients to remember that sometimes circumstances beyond your control can make projects go over budget or over time. You might find mould or asbestos or discover pipes and utilities in your home need upgrading, so having a finance amount slightly over your project budget is a great way to give you peace of mind and plan for the unexpected.

Plan ahead and make decisions early

One thing that affects your overall budget is late-in-the-day changes. When you visit our design centre, our qualified designers will work with you to create your kitchen's layout, look and feel. It is essential to make sure you are 100% happy with your choices of finishes and accessories as any changes once the project has started can be time-consuming and expensive. Get inspired by past Kitchens U Build projects to get an idea of what’s possible and make sure you have a thorough look at our showrooms and bring any ideas you have to your design consultation so we can make the project of your dreams. 

Richmond Showroom

DIY vs Installation 

Our motto at Kitchens U Build is Your home, Your choice. This relates not just to everything you put in your new kitchen or laundry but also how it's installed. For our handy clients who know their way around power tools and construction jobs, installing their kitchen or laundry is a great way to save money on services or put that money towards features in the project. While trying and installing yourself might be appealing, we recommend only attempting a self-install if you have worked on a similar project before. It may cost you more overall and add time and unnecessary stress to the project if you need to engage professionals after attempting to install it yourself.


Build for tomorrow

Whether you are renovating your forever home or just updating your kitchen or laundry to make it more liveable, we always invite our clients to think of the kitchen not just as you want it to look and function today but well into the future. A significant aspect of this approach is making sure that you choose high-quality finishes that last the test of time. Fixtures like high-quality hinges and drawers aren't something you can see when looking at your kitchen, but investing in features like soft closing drawers with a high weight rating means that you can be assured they won't wear out over time and need to be replaced. 


If you have questions about what budgets, planning or how we can help you create and stick to your budget, contact your local Kitchens U Build showroom and book your free no-obligation consultation today. Want to get a head start on your project? Why not check out our range of products and fixtures to include in your kitchen or laundry?