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Why Us

Australian Made

WE ARE NOT YOUR AVERAGE KITCHEN COMPANY ........ We are a high end Custom Cabinet supplier & Australian company that caters to those that require the end product to be above and beyond what others offer.  Above everything else ........ WE OFFER CHOICE

U have the choice of KUB INSTALLATION using OUR qualified tradespeople

U have the choice of Self install.

U have the choice of using OUR Plumbers or Electricians

U have the choice of us removing your old Kitchen or Laundry

U have the choice in design and sizes required. 

U have the choice of when we deliver. 

U have the choice from 100's & 100's of colours, finishes, product.

By supporting Australian manufacturing you are supporting Australian jobs which we believe is very important. 

Not just to support the industry but you are guaranteed that everything is manufactured to the strict Australian Standards.  This also takes the account of Formaldehyde contained in the board during manufacturing with ratings either E1 for carcasses and E0 for MDF & doors.   Imported doors, benchtops and cabinets can have no rating and can emit high levels of Formaldehyde emission.  

The Australian Wood Panels Association (AWPA) represents all Australian manufacturers of Particleboard and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) to ensure that Formaldehyde emissions are kept to these standards.

Boards that we use in construction from POLYTEC are Certified and tested:  GREEN RATING LEVEL A

All our cabinets utilise solid 16mm backs which means a tougher, easier to clean surface available in white as standard.  We can also offer 50 plus different colours for the interior of the cabinet in solid and woodgrain colours.

Custom Made

Are you buying a REAL kitchen?  Don’t be content with off the shelf 'cheap quality' flat pack cabinets, benchtops and doors. All our products are CUSTOM MADE to ensure they fit into your room as they should. Why bother with standard basic products that require manipulating to 'fit', especially when we can Customise for just that little bit more than an off the shelf product.

If you have extra height ceilings or require benchtops to finish higher or deeper than normal, we can make everything to suit.  Of course budgets have to be factored in while designing but the final design will look and perform better and Kitchens U Build can atcually be more economical than most other companies for a much higher quality product.

Design Service

All our Design Centres have qualified Designers who can help you realise your project from conception to completion.  We are NOT a Hardware store or sell TV's & hair dyers!  Just Kitchens, Laundries, vanities ...... and that is what we specilise in.

Our design services are FREE with NO OBLIGATION & NO PRESSURE.  Kitchens U Build Designers will help deisgn & quote with different options as requested. There is never any pressure to sign up and will ensure you are comfortable with the final design and price.

Because we manufacture here in Australia our Lead-times are kept to a minium and in most cases can work with your time table & budget, just ask and we will do our best to expedite your project as we understand that some projects are required quicker than normal.

Our designers can also help with the DIY process at any time if you choose to DIY.

Family Operated and Owned

All Kitchens U Build Centres are all family owned and operated.

We take pride in what we have accomplished over the years with a great team of people that many have been with us since the company started over 15 years ago when we realised too many Kitchen companies were charging exhorbenant prices or Flatpacks that were badly constructed.

There are many in the company who have been in the kitchen industry for more than 30 years and have great experience in the design and supply of quality products.

Kitchens U Build has grown into one of the largest DIY Custom Made cabinet supplier in Victoria and have expanded through to Queensland with more stores coming on board in the near future. Most of our sales are through recommendations while some of our Trade customers have been with us since we started.

Quality & Price

You get what you pay for still rings true? One of the most challenging tasks is to present a high quality product that is still affordable to the general punter.

To be able to compete with the cheap imported Flat pack companies on price is a talent but we have accomplished this with a very high turnover of product which allows us to negotiate a better cost from quality suppliers.

To be able to offer a customised product substantially less than most high priced cabinet makers but offer the same product and quality is an achievement in itself.

While our products are higher in quality than the local hardware store or Flatpack product we can still be competitive against them. For some companies it is the perception of cheapness that gets the customer in. While quality is important to us, so is working within a budget.

We really believe we have the balance right. Unfortunately people find this out when they try and save a few dollars. It either ends up being not as cheap as they first thought, does not fit as it should, looks like it was bought off the shelf, doesn’t conform to any Australian Standards, hinges and runners do not work smoothly or are not Soft Closing or they need to replace it after a short time.

You should never HAVE to replace a quality kitchen. They should last until you WANT to replace it.  In many cases it’s a once in a lifetime purchase and should be done right the first and only time.

Aftermarket Service

We are always just a phonce call or email away.  Also through our Facebook page you can send us a message and will always answer as soon as possible.

All our products are covered by a warranties either by Kitchens U Build or through our suppliers.  Refer our warranties here

Our designers can help with advice if you are installing yourself or can have access to our installation or warranty team if the need arises. Kitchens U Build has been around for more than 15 years and we are only more than happy to answer any questions at any time before, during or after the delivery and installation.

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