Adding Colour, Style & Personality

How To Add Colour, Style & Personality To Your New Kitchen

While you might not automatically think of it, your kitchen is one of the best places in your home to add colour and a design aesthetic that matches or enhances your home’s style. For big renovation projects like kitchens and laundries, we recommend that you avoid colours or trends that are too 'of the moment' on the main features like cupboards, benchtops, and flooring, as they may date quickly (mission brown, anyone?). However, some elements are tailor-made to show colour, style, and personality. Read below to learn the best places to add a touch more style to any kitchen renovation. 

Kitchen colour

Maximise Your Splashbacks

Even with a neutral colour pallet for your cabinetry and benchtops, the splashback is the perfect place to make a statement and add colour to your new kitchen. We can work with you to install a splashback in any type of material that will catch the eye and become a feature of your space. 

Blue splashback

Feature tiles

In recent years, subway tile has risen in popularity as a go-to surface for any kitchen splashback. A subway tile is a classic brick-shaped design with a contemporary feel that we can lay in any number of arrangements, such as offset, herringbone, crossmatched or stacked. 


Many clients don't often think of glass as their first option when deciding on a splashback, but a glass splashback is one of the most practical options on the market. A single piece of toughened glass, designed to stand up to the high temperatures of a cooktop is the perfect solution, and as it is only one piece, it is a breeze to clean. Choose from a wide range of colours, prints and textures and make the glass splashback a real focal point of your kitchen. 


Continuing your stone benchtops up the wall to form your splashback is a classic setup for a uniform look; however, choosing a contrasting stone is a great way to make an impact. If you are selecting a neutral white stone benchtop, why not choose a deep black stone as your splashback? It will make both colours stand out and as they are the same material they will still look 'of a piece'. 

Add texture and style with handles.

Any seasoned kitchen renovator will attest to the transformative power of updating your handles. Whether you're refreshing an existing kitchen or starting from scratch, the right handles can make a world of difference in the overall look and feel of your space.

When you choose to build a kitchen with Kitchens U Build, you will be dazzled by the sheer number of options for handles. For classic farmhouse or modern Scandi kitchens, timber handles are all the rage and are the best finishing touch to add an elegant look to the room. 

For a Scandi, modern kitchen, why not try circular timber handles? A relatively new product category, semi or full circular handles give your cabinets a bold, contemporary look and pairs beautifully with polished concrete flooring. 

For a traditional kitchen, you can always rely on a metallic handle to add some flair; think nickel, brass, black, pewter, iron, or rose gold. Whatever look you are going for, there’s a type of handle to match.

Let paint colours shine.

The final touch you can make to your kitchen is where you have the most options to fully realise your personal style: paint colours. While your kitchen will mostly be designed around your cabinets and splashback, there is always space to add in an extra touch with a choice of paint colours that really showcases your taste and personality. The best part of choosing paint colours is that they are one of the easier things to change, so whether you choose to go with bold block colours or a subtle hint of colour, you can really let your style shine, knowing that it can refreshed and updated over the years. 

If you have any questions about your kitchen or want to know what other options you have to design a space perfect for your tastes, head on into your nearest showroom and talk to our experienced team.