PART 2: Kerry & Johnny's reno journey

We have loved every minute of our exciting partnership with Kerry & Johnny Balbuziente. When they first came to us for help to bring their brand-new kitchen to life, we couldn’t wait to show them the great choice and freedom that KUB is known for, and work with them, assisting in their Kitchen renovation journey.

We sat down with Kerry to talk about design inspiration and kitchen style…

What was your design inspiration? 

“I wanted to keep the flow from the front end of the house going. Bright, light, coastal chic - whilst trying to keep the charm of a traditional Queenslander, which our home is.”  

How would you describe your style? 

“I love the palm springs vibe. Bright whites, timber, greenery and colour - character but still tres chic!” 

What special features did you want to include in your dream kitchen? 

“We wanted the kitchen to feel grand without it feeling oddly big for the rest of the house, or like an after-thought. We went with a big island bench, big feature light and tried to play with the clean lines and symmetry to really make the most of the space and not muck with the beautiful flow throughout the house.”  

Where there any particular materials that were part of your vision?   

“Sam, Deb and the KUB Team had great attention to detail and really helped me to pick out some beautiful finishes which elevated the whole space. The beautiful Polytec panelling on the island for example, really lifted that bench to be a feature in that space. The gold hardware, the butler's sink with detail on the front, the shaker doors, the navy blue vein in the Stone Ambassador bench top...those little touches really levelled the space up to feeling more than 'just a kitchen'' 

  Palm Springs style & design  

Let’s explore Kerry and Johnny style in more detail! Inspired by the chic resort town in California, Palm Springs style incorporates the principles of mid-century modern design with the natural elements inspired by its desert environment. It generally includes clean lines, white tones, greenery, and touches of glamour (think gold and brass features) as well as plenty of natural elements such as timber and stone. 

Palm Springs style homes generally focus on an open plan design, with plenty of natural light and flow. A cohesive indoor/outdoor design is a cornerstone of Palm Springs architecture, which perfectly aligns with Kerry and Johnny's home and lifestyle, being that they live in the sunny state, and their traditional Queenslander home is designed to blend the indoor and outdoor spaces.  

It's all about choice  

When it comes to building and designing dream kitchens for our clients, we know how important choice is. A part of our foundation ethos, we want to build kitchens that are perfectly suited to our customers, no matter the size, style or budget. That means NO off the shelf flatpack solutions, after all, everyone’s kitchen and client are vastly different, so why would one size fit all?  

Kerry & Johnny’s Kitchen plans  


Using the Palm Springs style as their inspiration, Kerry & Johnny have designed their kitchen to be open and airy. Centred around a large island, the layout allows for the flow of people from the rest of the home and within the kitchen, perfect for entertaining! With plenty of storage and beautiful, large worktops offering all the space you need to whip up fantastic meals – whether it’s just for 2 or for a whole host of people! With timber highlights through furniture and frames, the initial plans also act as a great canvas for Kerry & Johnny to express their style and add features that suit their personality and lifestyle.


As this was Kerry and Johnny’s first renovation, we wanted to make sure the process was not only exciting but also as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Going into a renovation project can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting, which is why at Kitchens U Build we take time with all our clients to go through any concerns and allow space for different ideas or changes in colour selection or layout to happen without causing disruption - with no pressure to lock in your vision right away. Creating a new kitchen is a journey, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.


Kerry got to experience the KUB difference firsthand: “The KUB Team were so patient with me, answered all of my silly questions and spent so much time to make sure we got it right.”  

Here is what Kerry and Johnny had to say about why they chose to work with us:

“I love that KUB let you tailor your kitchen and your project to your level of expertise and budget - it's all up to you and your choice! They can build a package for everyone. They can hold hands with beginners (like me - beginner is generous!) right through to experienced renovators.  The KUB team are a family, and they take care of you like you are one of their own. I truly wouldn't recommend going through anybody else.”  


 You can view the full interview with Kerry and Johnny here.

Take a look at Kerry and Johnny’s Kitchen journey over on our socials and website, you won’t want to miss out on the grand reveal! We’re very happy to be able to partner with Kerry & Johnny and show them, and you, exactly why KUB is the perfect choice to deliver your new kitchen.