Top Kitchen Design Trends For 2024

Top Kitchen Design Trends For 2024

Thinking about renovating your kitchen this year? We’ve rounded up the top kitchen design trends poised to be big in 2024. Recently, we’ve seen kitchens that go beyond just functionality, blending beautiful looks with modern design features. From eco-conscious materials to smart appliances seamlessly integrated into sleek designs, kitchens have become more than just a place for cooking and entertaining, but have become a talking point in themselves. Join us on as we dive into the trends we know will be big in the coming year…

Natural & Organic Elements
We’re seeing more and more designs where natural and organic elements takes centre stage. Sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood and stone, create a connection between the kitchen space and the environment. Earthy tones and textures are used with sleek modern appliances, creating a look and feel that's both comforting and sophisticated. From organic-shaped countertops to natural tones for cabinetry, designers are infusing warmth and authenticity into their kitchens. This revival of natural elements demonstrates a commitment to environmentally conscious living, making kitchens in 2024 both visually appealing and eco-friendly.


Minimalist & Streamlined Design
The adage has never rung more true - less is more. Minimalist and streamlined aesthetics take the spotlight as people look for simplicity and functionality in their kitchen spaces. With a focus on clean lines, uncluttered surfaces and efficient storage solutions, these kitchens are the epitome of modern living. The minimalist approach not only helps create a sense of calm and order but also fits the evolving needs of contemporary lifestyles. In a year where simplicity reigns supreme, minimal and streamlined kitchens have a timeless elegance and style, making using your kitchen effortless, while also creating a clean and relaxing hub for the home.


Solid Surfaces & Splash backs
This trend prioritises durability, hygiene, and flow throughout the kitchen. Solid surfaces like Porcelain not only offer a seamless, sleek appearance but also boast resistance to stains, heat and scratches, ensuring both functionality and enduring style. Complementing this, splash backs become focal points by using intricate patterns and textures to break up blocks of colour. They not only improve the longevity of the space, but also add a refined, quality look and feel, which is both sophisticated and practical.


Green Hues
The colour green, in various shades from soft pastels to deep emeralds, is set to dominate kitchen palettes this year, as it helps create a connection to nature and promotes a sense of tranquillity. Beyond looks, green symbolises sustainability by bringing a touch of the outdoors, into the home. From cabinetry to accent pieces, this trend nods to seamless transitions between nature and the home.


Multi-Functional Kitchen Islands
The kitchen island has undergone a big evolution, a trend that is set to continue. The focal point for modern living, kitchen islands in 2024 need to work harder . More than traditional cooking spaces, these islands seamlessly integrate features like built-in induction cooktops, smart storage, and durable space for much more than just preparing meals. As homes increasingly adopt open floor plans, the multifunctional island is a hub for cooking, dining, entertaining and even work or study. This trend not only optimises space but also works for modern lifestyles, transforming the kitchen island into a central, adaptable element offering a communal space for everyday living.


Layered Lighting
Lighting can help add versatility and make a kitchen an inviting environment. With the kitchen being a multifaceted space, a combination of bright, ambient and accent lighting help you to achieve the right feel any time of day or night. Pendant lights over islands, under-cabinet LED strips, and recessed fixtures are being used throughout kitchens, making them more practical and versatile. Beyond practicality, layered lighting helps to accentuate textures and design details. This trend will not only elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen, but also ensures a well-lit, adaptable workspace.


Beverage Stations
Social interactions and entertaining have always been an important function of our kitchens, and this is seen in the rise of the beverage station! Reflecting our social lifestyles, this trend is set to be big in 2024, emphasising convenience and entertainment. Equipped with coffee makers, wine coolers, blenders and even drinks dispensers, beverage stations not only help to grow a sense of hospitality, but also give you a dedicated space to unwind with a glass of wine, or wake up with a morning smoothie. Further highlighting the kitchen's role as a social centre, in 2024, we’ll see beverage stations help turn the kitchen into the go to space for relaxation and connection.


Butlers Kitchens
A blast from the past, Butlers Kitchens are back! These auxiliary spaces allow for great organisation and storage room, keeping the rest of the kitchen free from clutter. Equipped with additional appliances, storage, and prep areas, they allow you to add more to your kitchen areas without sacrificing the minimal, modern look. As homes increasingly blend cooking and entertaining spaces, the butler's kitchen allows owners to maintain a clear and clean social space while still being able to prepare food and cook for family or friends. In 2024, butler's kitchens will continue to grow in popularity, offering extra, practical space for growing families to get everything they need in a kitchen, without sacrificing on workspace and design.


Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, and whichever trends you might want to incorporate – our team is here to help you get a kitchen that will not only look fantastic and work for your lifestyle today, but for many years to come too.